Cornhusk Frequently Asked Question


  • Print of the mail pieces on premium quality paper.
  • Addressing of the mail if necessary.
  • Preparation of the mail for Canada Post.
  • Delivery of the mail to Canada post
  • All documentation AND postage.


If you choose the specific date option, we will do our best to target that time. It depends on Canada Post. If your delivery is close to our deposit location on the West Coast, your mail will be sooner than mail that must travel across the country. If you choose the ASAP option, we will deposit the mail immediately upon completion. You may find that delivery of ASAP mail is sooner than the available options for specified date mail.
We will inform you when the mail is deposited at Canada Post. After that, it is out of our control. Canada Post does have delivery standards that can be used to calculate the approximate delivery time.
DestinationAddressed MailNeighborhood Mail
BC4 days3 – 4 days
National5 days3 – 7 days
Northern & remote centers4 – 7 days6 – 13 days
Yes, you can place an order and indicate which date you would like to target, even if that date is months away.
Maybe. If circumstances change and you want to change the target delivery date, contact us immediately. If the mail has not been delivered to Canada Post yet, we may be able to delay it until it is more convenient for you.

Product Design

While in the design panel of your product, you can save your design as a PDF file. The PDF will serve as digital proof.
Yes! Our addressed mailers are fully customizable with any information in your database. Just indicate where you want custom information with <<chevrons>>. For example: Hi <<client name>>, your <<car type>> is due for its <<service type>>. Call now to make an appointment. Becomes: Hi Paul, your Honda Civic is due for its coolant flush. Call now to make an appointment.
Visit the same product page (same size and orientation) where you originally saved your design. Your design will be available there.
Absolutely! Fill out Contact Form, and we will start a dialogue to determine the best product for you. We mail all kinds of custom products with over a million pieces!
We offer design services starting at $50.00. Fill out our Design Request Form, and we will take it from there.
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